Frenger Supplies 20 Finsbury Circus Refurbishment

Finsbury Circus Street Sign

Frenger® have recently supplied the 20 Finsbury Circus Multi Million Pound refurbishment in London with their Compact Active Multi-Service Chilled Beam (MSCB) units complete with continuous LED lighting to all six floor levels and also Chilled Ceilings and chilled access bulkheads throughout all floor levels.

The 20 Finsbury Circus CAT A refurbishment breathes new life into the landmark building keeping the original 1900 Edwardian façade coupled with a new contemporary interior.

20 Finsbury represents an excellent and flexible Grade A office space in a great location due to its extremely close proximity to the new Crossrail entrance and the largest public open space in the city.

Completed Dec 22 / Jan 23, the extensive redevelopment of the 1980s office building covers the basement, 6 floors of 73,604ft² Cat A office space, retail space at ground level, and a restaurant facing the circus.

Other features in the refurbishment include:

  • Upgraded windows
  • Modifications to rear façade
  • Optimised roofscape
  • Proposed addition of private and communal terraces
  • New main office reception
  • Reconfigured floorplates
  • End of Trip Facilities such as showers, locker rooms, 84 bike spaces, and 2 cycle repair stations

Subtly influenced by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, the interior space is 'restrained, warm, and natural, creating the sense of presence' that also compliments the buildings unique exterior character and the rich history of the area.

A key aspiration behind the refurbishment was to increase sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of the building. 20 Finsbury Circus will achieve BREEAM Excellent certification and an EPC B rating.

Frenger's highly efficient Active Multi-Service Chilled Beams (MSCBs) work with the elevated water temperatures from the installation of Heat Pump systems to reduce consumption of fossil fuels onsite and help reduce carbon emissions over the buildings lifecycle, and once fully operational the building is set to be supplied by 100% renewable electricity resources.

Active Multi-Service Chilled Beam (MSCB) Units

The 1980s concrete frame provided structural constraints and the associated slab-to-slab heights posed a significant challenge for the Consulting Engineers on the project.

However, due to the slimline construction and closed back of Frenger's "Compact" Active Multi-Service Chilled Beam (MSCB) units, the space constraints were overcome.

Frenger's MSCBs solved the space constraints by maximising the available floor-to-ceiling heights as they can incorporate Heating, Cooling, Lighting, and other building services into a single 100% prefabricated and fully factory tested integrated service module; removing the need for a suspended ceiling system which creates the appearance of greater volumetric room space.

Multi-Service Chilled Beam render

Frenger's Compact Multi-Service Chilled Beam

Frenger's Multi-Service Chilled Beam units are 100% prefabricated and tested off-site in a controlled environment to offer a simple 'plug & play' HVAC solution that can provide the water driven Cooling, Heating, Lighting, Fresh Air Delivery, Sensors, Controls, and Other Building Services (also compatible with sprinkler systems).

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Chilled Ceiling Tiles

The Frenger® Chilled Ceiling and chilled access bulkhead supplied to the project are factory fitted with hook-on 'Flying Arm' brackets to allow the tiles to be moved into a 'Pivot Down' position, and therefore giving full access behind the tile and into the ceiling void should access be required.

Chilled Ceiling Render

Render Image of Frenger's Chilled Ceiling in the 'Pivot Down' Position

The Chilled tiles supplied to 20 Finsbury were powder coat finished in a White (RAL 9010) and insulated with factory fitted Class 'O' foil encapsulated tissue faced mineral wool insulation slabs (45kg/m3 density).

Each tile contained seamless sinusoidal copper tube coils with no joints whatsoever (thus eliminating any risk of leakage from the Chilled Tiles) on Frenger's full CNC state of the art Serpentine Bend Machine.

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