Frenger's Highly Efficient HVAC Product Range:

Frenger Systems® are specialists in manufacturing and supplying energy-efficient HVAC systems, such as Chilled Beams and Radiant Heating Panels, to commercial buildings globally. Our HVAC systems are utilised in multi-award winning properties globally with our products providing benefits such as better indoor air quality, lower noise levels, and the highest in thermal comfort levels. View our products in more detail below.

Frenger® designs, manufactures, and supplies Active and Passive Chilled Beams for 'Ceiling Recessed', 'Exposed' and 'Concealed' applications. Frenger's Chilled Beams can provide heating, lighting, fresh air delivery, controls, and many other building services in addition to water driven cooling - these special units are known as 'Multi-Service Chilled Beams' (MSCB's).

These 100% prefabricated MSCB units can also be easily tailored to suit the architectural aspirations of the building to provide flexible, functional, and highly energy efficient solutions that require minimal maintenance and have a 30 years plus life expectancy. Chilled Beam solutions provide the optimum in thermal comfort and well-being for the building occupants.


Frenger® designs, manufactures and supplies a vast array of Radiant Heating Panels suitable for 'Ceiling Integrated', 'Free Hanging' and 'Wall Mounted' projects. Frenger® has specifically designed heating products for specific environments such as Sports Halls, Warehouses, Prisons, Hospitals, Offices, Schools and Universities.

Frenger® also manufacture Radiant Panels with integrated LED lighting and acoustic sections for Schools, Universities and Academy applications - these are known as Multi-Service Radiant Panels (MSRP's) and are usually free hanging exposed mounted applications. Frenger® can also integrate compartment trunking for electrical services, apertures for PIR sensors within their 100% prefabricated MSRP heating units.


Frenger's Electric Heating range encompasses Electric Radiant Heating and Air Curtains. Electric radiant heaters warm all of the rooms surfaces (desks, floor, etc.), which in turn heat up the air within a room. Consequently, electric radiant heaters afford an extremely comfortable indoor environment.

Frenger's range of Air Curtains creates an air barrier, which helps to prevent cold draughts thus creating a comfortable indoor climate.


Frenger's Armis Low Surface Temperature (LST) Radiators covers over an existing radiator to create a gap between the radiator and LST whilst having a negligible effect on the heat output of the radiator.

The Armis LST covers can be manufactured to fit over the whole radiator or have apertures for the fitment of TRV or pipework. The casing is easily removable to allow quick access to the radiator for cleaning and maintenance. Learn more about Frenger's Armis® LST Radiator Covers using the button below.


Heat Recovery Units are some of the highest efficiency units available on the market. Frenger's Heat Recovery Unit product range is designed to provide energy savings for a wide variety of applications including offices, schools, and shops.

The units transfer heat from extracted room air, via the use of a Eurovent certified Klingenburg aluminium static heat exchanger, to the fresh air supply with an efficiency of up to 94%.


Static cooling systems (Chilled Ceilings) have, over the past 40 years, proven themselves capable of delivering high levels of occupancy comfort at reduced running costs.

Frenger® designed, supplied and installed the "World's Largest Radiant Chilled Ceiling" system in 1962; the 175,000 square meter, 27 stories high, Shell Oil headquarters, situated on the river Thames in London.


Frenger® has a range of Air Curtains suitable for 'Surface' or 'Concealed' mounting applications and within their range are 'Electrically Heated', 'Water Heated' and 'Ambient' (not heated). Frenger's range of Air Curtains should not be confused with over-door warm air heaters as Frenger's 'FRA' range of Air Curtains create a high velocity air steam barrier that allows differential in air pressure from the internal space and the outside atmosphere.

This invisible air barrier helps prevent warm room air escaping out of the open doorway or cold outside air from entering the room space through the open door. With high air velocities, this can create a cooler sensation, hence their are heated options available in addition to the basic ambient 'FRA' models.