Active Multi-Service Chilled Beam



The Frenger compact® unit is a slim line active chilled beam that uses a supply of fresh ventilation air to draw warm room air to the unit's cooling battery. This warmer room air is cooled as it passes through the finned tube cooling batteries, which comprise aluminium fins with copper channels through which cool water passes. The heat of the room is taken in through the aluminium fins, and transferred into the water circuit through the copper tube and on to a central chiller.

The unit is able to induce and condition 4-5 times as much room air as fresh air supplies. Conditioned air is then quietly reintroduced into the room, entraining to the ceiling rather than being dumped directly below the beam, thanks to patented nozzle and air chamber design that produce a coanda effect-even with as little as 3.0 l/s/m2.

  • Cooling
  • Fresh air
  • Air supply rate up to 30l/s/m per unit
  • All recirculated air is contained within the product casing

Optional features

  • Heating
  • Integrated lighting
  • Integrated control valves


Length: Modules from 0.8m up to 4.5m
Width: Typically 0.6m to 1.0m depending on architectural requirements.


Water: Horizontal or vertical, same end or opposite.


Watts per meter total cooling (based on 10dTK and 26ltrs/sec/m for a 1.8m long beam, supplied at 16°C with a 100pa).


The unit has no moving parts and therefore maintenance requirement is limited to periodic cleaning of the finned tube batteries. All sides of the batteries can be accessed from below via the removable perforated faceplate.


Beams are designed to be supported by 2 or 3 sets of threaded rod hangers, dependent on product length.

MSCB typical details, Air movement

Active Multiservice Chilled Beam Air Movement

The Frenger active chilled beam uses the supply of ventilation air to draw warmer room air up and across the unit's cooling battery. The image above illustrates the air movement pattern and cooling mode.

Conditioned air is then quietly re-introduced into the space, entertaining to the side profiles of the multiservice chilled beam rather than being dumped directly below the beam, thanks to the patented built nozzle strip and air chamber design that developed a Coanda effect at the air discharge point. The nozzle technology also allows the company to determine and factory-set the airflow dispersion characteristics of each unit.

Compact® MSCB Design Examples

Compact® Multiservice Chilled Beams can be designed to fit with a wide variety of bespoke architectural design aesthetics. Below are a few examples of how Compact® MSCBs can be tailored specifically for a project:

Example A - Curved Underplate and Aluminum Lighting Louvers

Compact® MSCB Example A1
Compact® MSCB Example A2

Example B - Flat Underplate and Continuous Lighting Diffusers

Compact® MSCB Example B1
Compact® MSCB Example B2

Example C - Indirect Only Lighting

Compact® MSCB Example C1
Compact® MSCB Example C2

Example A - Angled Underplate and Prismatic Lighting Diffuser

Ultima® MSCB Example A1
Ultima® MSCB Example A2

Example B - Curved Underplate and Prismatic Lighting Diffuser

Ultima® MSCB Example B1
Ultima® MSCB Example B2

Example C - Flat Underplate and Angled Lighting Extrusion

Ultima® MSCB Example C1
Ultima® MSCB Example C2

Example D - Flat Faced Design

Ultima® MSCB Example D1
Ultima® MSCB Example D2

Please contact Frenger at if you have any questions about the different bespoke variations.

Active MSCB Projects

If you require any further information, or have a project to discuss, please contact us on +44(0)1332 295 678 or as our technical team are here to assist.