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Frenger® supplied the Victorian Heart Hospital (VHH), Australia's first heart hospital specialising in Cardiac Care, with their Ceiling Integrated Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams.

The landmark facility has the capacity to perform 2,150 cardiac surgeries and 13,000 cardiac laboratory procedures each year, as well as catering for 28,300 cardiac emergency presentations and over 108,000 consultations.

Instead of using imported materials, the building uses locally sourced materials to help lower the buildings up-front carbon footprint and minimising the environmental impact of the hospital.

The hospital includes light-filled interiors, internal gardens, and views to external native landscapes, maximising natural light into the building and helping to improve health and Wellbeing of patients within the hospital.

Additionally, the use of Frenger's Ceiling Integrated Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams will also provide occupants with excellent levels of Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as the conditioned air is distributed evenly throughout the space in a controlled manner with the use of the Coanda Effect to entrain the air against the ceiling.

Frenger's Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams are supplied as standard with a number of healthcare features such as 'drop down' heat exchangers that can be easily inspected and cleaned to all 4 sides of the heat exchanger, as part of any periodic cleaning and maintenance as expected with healthcare applications.