High Holborn

High Holborn

High Holborn

London, UK
Active Multiservice

110 High Holborn offer 40,000 sq ft of high quality office space in the heart of midtown, London's new creative hub set amid a host of hotels, bars, restaurants and clubs.

The office location provides the space required for hundreds of employees as well as the potential for many more in the future.

Highly efficient new office floor plates utilises three different variations of Frenger active chilled beams; the slimline Compact exposed (suspended below the roof soffit) Multiservice Chilled Beams (MSCBs) which include integrated LG7 lighting and building services, two-way discharge Ceiling Integrated Chilled Beams (CICBs) recessed into the plasterboard ceiling as well as one-way discharge CICBs recessed into the plasterboard perimeter margin.

Frenger not only manufactured the MSCB units, but also the luminaires. The lighting provided by the MSCBs are LED line systems that are designed to replace fluorescent lighting in new luminaires. The LED line systems are designed to produce pure white light for general lighting applications with high efficiency level, surpassing T5.

The Compact chilled beams used on the project are designed to be easily tailored to suit the unique parameters of individual project sites, for the optimum product / system efficiencies and shallow depth of just 150mm.

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