Frenger's VAV Controller Type RCT product image

The Variable Air Volume (VAV) Controller type RCT is a rectangular, compact blade type damper c/w integral measuring probe sensor and Belimo controller. The VAV controller type RCT can provide constant and variable air flows, the controller measures the differential pressure using two pressure integrating probes located within the damper casing. One probe is located at the front of the damper measuring total pressure, with the second probe located after the damper in the accelerated airflow path.

Product image render showing the VAV Controller Type RCT - from Frenger Systems labelled

Key Features

  • High level of control accuracy: + - 5% at nom. velocities (10 m/s).
  • Short installation length due to integral measuring probe.
  • Rectangular duct sizes in accordance with EN 1505 c/w flanges.
  • Operating temperature range 0 to 50°C at 5 to 95% RH in accordance with EN 60730-1.
  • Energy savings due to low minimum pressure loss.
  • Optional insulating case to reduce sound and heat transfer (supplied loose for on-site fitting).
  • Optional silencers (type RCT-SIL-1000) for reduced noise levels.

To read the full VAV Controller Type RND, please click here.

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