Frenger designs, manufactures and supplies Multi-Service Chilled Beam (MSCB) solutions typically for high-profile buildings such as government buildings, and owner occupied buildings given the low running costs (extremely energy efficient), long life expectancy (30 plus years), very low maintenance and the optimum in thermal comfort and well-being for the buildings occupants.

Frenger's Multi-Service Chilled Beam units are 100% prefabricated and tested off-site in a controlled environment. They offer a 'plug n play' solution that can provide water driven cooling, heating, lighting, fresh air delivery, sensors, controls and many other building services (comparable with sprinkler systems).

Ordinarily MSCB solutions are for exposed mounting (freely suspended below the existing roof structure) to create an appearance of greater volumetric space where floor to ceiling heights are restricted in existing building refurbishments as opposed to having suspended ceilings which reduce the volumetric room space.

A full range of building services can be incorporated within a multiservice chilled beam, including:

  • Heating & cooling
  • Fresh air supply
  • Uplighting, downlighting and emergency lighting
  • Fully addressable lighting solution (DALI)
  • PIR, Photocells etc
  • BMS sensors, control valves & condensation detectors
  • Fire alarms and sprinkler heads
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Pipework, ductwork & compartmental trunking

Bringing several services together in a single integrated MSCB unit means that the physical dimensions of the unit can be optimised; to enable use in spaces where the floor-to-slab height is minimal. The concept also provides the specified with a single source of responsibility for the design, supply and integration of all services, ensuring reduced costs and on-site installation time.


The cooling unit is integrated into a perforated architectural casing with central or side-mounted lighting, and the MSCB is tested and delivered to site for mechanical and electronic connection (often "Plug & Play").

Where there is a need to use the MSCB to deliver fresh air into the space, then Frenger's Active range of chilled beams will form the basis for the company's active MSCB's. Active chilled MSCB's utilise the delivery of supply air to induce warmer recirculated room air through the unit's cooling battery. The technology employed in Frenger's active chilled beams ensures high cooling capacity even with minimal supply air volumes, coupled with a quiet and controlled delivery of air for optimal comfort.

Active MSCB Installation
Passive MSCB Installation

Active MSCB's are designed for simple installation; electrical, water and air connections can be inter-linked from unit to unit ("Plug & Play") to reduce on-site time to a minimal.

Frenger's passive MSCB utilises the company's Passive beam range to provide comfortable cooling through a combination of convective and radiant heat transfer processes; warm room air is cooled through contact with the chilled beam and diffused into the space through the perforated underplate, the beam casing is also cooled via radiant exchange and this cooling is then directed to the warmer occupants. This type of passive cooling provides the best possible combination of high cooling capacity and exception levels of occupancy comfort with minimal maintenance.

Finish and Appearance

MSCB's offer an alternative to the monolithic ceilings that have become commonplace in office developments, providing attractive yet extremely functional building services installations. The appearance of each beam can be customised in terms of shape, dimensions, colour and perforation pattern to meet the client's particular preferences.

Technical Support

  • Frenger can draw upon many years experience in the design and manufacture of cooling systems which combine the highest levels of occupancy comfort with class-leading design, and offers clients a range of support services.
  • Climate simulations to predict comfort levels
  • Full lighting design including light level calculations and luminaire development to LG3 or LG7 requirements
  • "Fly-through" graphical animations for building operations
  • CAD drafting and 3D rendering of MSCB's in the environment
  • Full climatic testing in the company's BSRIA calibrated testing facility in Derby
  • Return air temperature sensors guidance
  • Integrated control valves guidance

Benefits of MSCB's

  • Ideal where floor-to-slab heights is minimal
  • Low running costs with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Integration of several services in a single unit reduces cost and overall installation programme period
  • High cooling/heating capacities
  • Low noise and draft risk makes for high comfort levels
  • Beam aesthetics can be customised to client requirements
  • Single point of responsibility for the design, integration, manufacture and testing of all services, plus Frenger's installation as an option taking the project from concept to completion.

Frenger's Unique Benefits

  • "In-house" lighting design and luminaire development
  • Patented design active MSCB's deliver high cooling capacities with minimal supply air velocities
  • Considerable experience in the design, supply and installation of both types of MSCB and associated service bulkheads
  • In-house testing facility large enough to test the most complex MSCB installation

If you require any further information, or have a project to discuss, please contact us on +44(0)1332 295 678 or as our technical team are here to assist.