The EnergoInfra - Infrared Radiant Heating Panel product image from Frenger Systems

The EnergoInfra Industry provides energy efficient heating for most applications and working environments with high ceiling heights (approx. 6-40m or 3.5m in zone heating applications). Heat accumulation in floors, walls and other surfaces means that the air temperature can be lowered giving 25-30% energy savings and yet achieving the same ambient temperature. The EnergoInfra Industry is also often used to provide spot heating to loading bays, manufacturing facilities and various agricultural buildings.

The heaters are approved to IP44 and can as such be used in wet and dry areas alike.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

  • Possible to maintain 3-6°C lower air temperature than with conventional heating.
  • Concentrates heat to the occupied zone.
  • Minimising warm-up times.

Benefits of EnergoInfra Industry

  • No moving parts equates to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Ceiling mounted unit frees up wall and floor space.
  • Suitable for mounting between 5-40m from floor level.
  • Robust design.
  • Splash proof IP44.

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