Frenger® Supplies Boston's The Hub on Causeway Office Tower

Hub on Causeway Office Tower

Frenger® supplied The Hub on Causeway's 31-Storey Office Tower in Boston, Massachusetts, with their Eco range of Ceiling Integrated Chilled Beams (CICBs).

The project, a partnership between Delaware North and Boston Properties, first started development in 2016, being built on the location of the original Boston Garden Arena and was constructed in three phases, with the office tower, a part of the third phase, being completed in 2021.

The three phases of construction included 'Phase One', improving and expanding the North Station and TD Garden alongside constructing the podiums for later phases of work to begin, 'Phase Two': adding a residential tower, hotel, and retail area and finally 'Phase Three' building the 630,000 square foot office tower with all the Indoor Climate (fresh air delivery, water-driven heating and cooling) by Frenger's Eco Active Chilled Beams.

Acting as a social hub for the city, the mixed-use development connects local and regional transport along with having a range of facilities in the retail, hotel, entertainment, office, and residential industries, which have helped to revitalise the local area, bringing major economic benefits, along with supporting over 2,300 part-time and 300 full time employees onsite.

Inside Hub on Causeway tower

The LEED Gold certified office tower is the tallest tower to have been constructed in Boston for nearly 20 years and is home to leaders in the creative and technology industries such as the multi-billion-pound software company Rapid 7 and the anchor tenant being telecommunications giant Verizon who have 17 floors of office space leased for 20 years.

Hub on Causeway HVAC

The tower is also home to American sports teams the NHL's Boston Bruins and NBA's Boston Celtics, helping to bring a sense of connectivity, with the sports team's head office being directly connected to their stadium located behind the tower, the TD Garden Stadium.

The development also features:

  • Boston's highest rooftop pool
  • 800 space parking garage
  • 60,000 square foot Star market, largest urban grocery store in the city
  • Premier luxury music hall, big night live
  • The Hub Hall, food hall with over 18 different options
  • Hub50House residential tower (440 luxury units, 38-storey tower)
  • TD Garden and North Station entrance
Ceiling Integrated Chilled Beams

Eco Active Chilled Beams

As can be expected from a market-leading HVAC manufacturer, Frenger's Eco Active Chilled Beams (CICBs) contain a number of patented performance enhancing features including the “burst nozzle” arrangement, which helps to not only encourage induction, but also provides reduced noise levels from the beam.

Utilising the optimised burst nozzle arrangement ensures consistent jet velocities, with an equal distribution of air discharge and continuous induction through the entire length of the heat exchanger battery for optimum waterside heating and cooling performance.

Also, all Frenger's Active Chilled Beams have "Turn Down" facility as standard for time of lower occupancy you can reduce the air pressure to a bank of active beams for lower air volume and still provide Coanda Effect on discharge with as little as 15Pa (pascals) static pressure and still provide all the necessary waterside cooling and heating for the occupants.

Eco Chilled Beam

All Frenger's Eco beams have a “closed back”, meaning that all recirculated room air is induced through the underplate within the room space to avoid the cross contamination of air as extract air is not being reused, and better-quality recirculated air as it does not mix with any air from the ceiling void.

Another key technology Frenger® integrated in this project was their Air Management Discharge Vane (AMDV) technology which ensures a 'fan-shaped' distribution, therefore eliminating converging air streams, minimising unwanted air turbulence, and ensuring optimal Thermal Comfort for building occupants.

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