Frenger® have not skipped a beat in supplying their Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams to the Victorian Heart Hospital

An image showing the Victorian Heart Hospital being built, soon to be installed with Frenger's Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams

Frenger® are proud to have supplied their Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams to the new $564 million Victorian Heart Hospital in Melbourne which is to become a landmark facility and the first of its kind in Australia being dedicated to the care of one highly specialised area – cardiac care. When completed in 2022, the hospital will be able to perform 2,150 cardiac surgeries and 13,000 cardiac laboratory procedures each year, as well as catering for 28,300 cardiac emergency presentations and 108,000 consultations.

The Victorian Heart Hospital will comprise strategically located and purpose-built facilities to significantly expand both the existing capacity and models of care and to enable a flexible and proactive approach to new treatment paradigms and rapidly evolving technology. The hospital will also be a centre for education by providing training options for undergraduate and postgraduate medical, nursing and science students, subspecialty training fellowships for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, and provision of PhD and Masters placements for health professionals.

The hospital, which is a joint partnership between the Victorian Government, Monash Health and Monash University, will also house the Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre, which is the research arm of Monash Heart along with a research centre of Monash University.

Major construction of the site began November 2019, with the land of the construction site being contributed by partner Monash University at their Monash University Clayton Campus.

Funded by the Victorian Government, the hospital will have a strong focus on prevention, recovery, and rehabilitation. State-of-the-art laboratories for biomedical, engineering, biobanking will couple the highest quality of education spaces such as dedicated simulation suites for teaching and learning, lecture theatres and collaborative learning spaces.

Instead of using imported materials, the building uses locally sourced materials to help lower the buildings carbon footprint and minimising the environmental impact of the hospital.

Another aerial view of the construction of the Victorian Heart Hospital

Within the first 5 years of operation, it's forecasted that the new hospital will deliver nearly $400 million in economic benefit to the Victorian community, with more than $110 million of this as a direct result of the hospital being co-located at Monash University. The hospital provides 1700 jobs during construction, and once completed will employ over 850 people across clinical care and research.

Designed by Conrad Gargett and John Wardle architects, the hospitals design places strong focus to improve health and wellbeing of the occupants within the building. As well as using Frenger's® Eco Healthcare Chilled Beams to provide the highest quality of thermal comfort and maximum ease of cleanability.

The building is designed to include the principles of biophilic design taking inspiration from the tree-lined university campus site, with a key emphasis on opening the building to the surrounding landscape.

The hospital will also include light-filled interiors, internal gardens, and views to external native landscapes, maximise natural light into the building, helping to further improve the health and wellbeing of patients within the hospital.

Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beam

A render of Frenger's Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beam

Frenger’s energy efficient and low noise Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams are designed for healthcare applications. By introducing filter primary fresh air from the AHU to the space via our Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams, coupled with all recirculated air via our closed cased beam design and extract air not being reused this helps to avoid any cross contamination with ceiling voids and/or other spaces.

The conditioned air from the Active Chilled Beams is distributed evenly throughout the space in a controlled manner with use of Coanda effect to entrain the conditioned air against the ceiling to ensure optimal thermal comfort levels and indoor air quality. Our Eco Healthcare Active Chilled Beams are supplied as standard with a number of healthcare features such as a ‘drop down’ heat exchanger that can be easily inspected and cleaned (clean all 4 sides of heat exchanger) from the room side if required.

A render showing the drop-down battery function which allows for easy access to clean and provide maintenance

You can learn more about the Active Chilled Beams Frenger® has to offer by visiting our products page. Alternatively, you can contact our UK Head Office on +44(0)1332 295 678 or