Frenger® lands leading role supplying radiant heating to Sky Studios Elstree

Sky Studios Elstree

Frenger® was selected to supply the new Sky Studios Elstree development with their range of highly efficient 'free-hanging' exposed EcoStrip XP Radiant Heating Panels.

The new state-of-the-art studio will help the Sky Group increase sustainability across productions and operations, as well as helping the company reach their target of being Carbon Net Zero by 2030. The ambition behind the development was to make Sky Studios Elstree one of the world's most sustainable film and TV studios.

The new development represents a significant investment in the UK and European creative economy, with Sky estimating £3 Billion (GBP) of new production investment will be generated over the first five years alone.

The 27.5-acre site, which hopes to be fully operational by Summer 2022, will host major productions from Sky Originals, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Working Title, and television series from Universal Studio Group. Additionally the studios will have the capacity to host productions from third-party producers.

Inside Sky Studios Elstree

Frenger's EcoStrip XP Radiant Heating Panels installed inside Sky Studios Elstree | Photo: Tim Chell on LinkedIn

The development, valued at over £192 Million (GBP), has created over 2,000 jobs (900 during the construction phase and a further 1,500 during operation) and will help to provide a boost for the local economy of Hertfordshire.

Main Features of the new Elstree Studios include:

  • 13 Sound Stages (ranging in size from 10,000 to 30,000 sq ft)
  • Two production-support storage warehouses
  • Office accommodation
  • Dedicated reception area
  • 900-space multi-storey on-site car park

Once fully operational the studio will not use gas or fossil fuels to power the day-to-day running of the studios and will instead use renewable energy along with the capability to generate 20% of energy on-site through solar energy. In addition to this, Sky will also harvest rainwater for use around the site.

Additionally the site is targeting a BREEAM excellent rating as a result of the various sustainability initiatives which includes the use of Frenger's energy effective Radiant Heating Panels.

EcoStrip XP Radiant Heating Panel

The EcoStrip XP Radiant Heating Panel from Frenger® lands a leading role in this project due its ability to provide high levels of radiant heating for much larger areas such as industrial and commercial buildings and in this case a cutting-edge studio development.

EcoStrip XP Radiant Heating Panel

Frenger's EcoStrip XP Radiant Heating Panel

The EcoStrip heating panel does not contain fans or any other moving parts and therefore the ongoing maintenance is also minimised, meaning the panel can be installed in areas that are difficult to access.

The innovative system for the placement of the pipes in the profiles of the radiant panel ensures extended contact between the primary surface (pipes) and the secondary surface (panel).

Frenger's EcoStrip XP Radiant Panel does not cause the spread of dust, pollen, or other pollutants and therefore the hygiene levels within the building is increased.

EcoStrip XP Radiant Panel

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