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With energy-efficiency an important factor in the world we live in today, such as to help against Climate Change, the UK has set in law a target to bring all its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. The latest changes to Part L which came into force in June 2022 are interim measures to work until new standards are released in 2025.

The latest move for improved levels of energy efficiency in the revision of Part L makes Chilled Beams an even more attractive solution as Chilled Beams operate using elevated chilled water flow temperatures.

Chilled Beam Product Render

The Compact Active Chilled Beam part of Frenger's highly efficient Chilled Beam range

This therefore provides a greater COP (Coefficient of Performance) for the chiller as well as maximising the ability to avail 'Free Cooling' to help reduce the overall energy consumption.

The use of elevated chilled water temperatures also means that Chilled Beams are well suited to be used with other sustainable energy sources such as ground source or air source heat pumps. Reversible heat pumps can be used in lieu of boilers with Active Chilled Beams, given Active Chilled Beams have been extensively developed to provide heating at low flow temperatures (typically 35°C to 50°C) to ensure high levels of thermal comfort and low levels of thermal stratification within the occupied zone.

In many cases, you would see energy savings with a Chilled Beam solution, when compared to your existing energy HVAC system (typically 22 to 40% energy savings - see EDSL TAS Energy Study below), therefore making Chilled Beams an ideal solution for many project applications such as Educational Facilities, Healthcare & Hospital applications, Commercial Office Space, and Hotels & Leisure facilities. What's more, Frenger® offer Chilled Beam solutions for both new building construction and retrofit projects.

Recently Frenger® discussed in a previous article how effective various Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems are for maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment by reducing the risk of virus transmission.

Interested in more sustainability content?

Frenger® offers a Carbon Net Zero Webinar looking into how Chilled Beams can help the transition into Net Zero Carbon Building and reducing carbon to help achieve worldwide sustainability goals.

Find out how building design is changing around the globe to incorporate various energy efficient systems and Frenger's experience working with design teams on state-of-the-art buildings to integrate their Chilled Beam solutions, which have helped them to already achieve Net-Zero carbon neutrality and reduce overall building energy usage.

Watch the video below to find out more about the webinar!

You can learn more about the products Frenger® has to offer by visiting our products page or read more articles about the international projects Frenger® has supplied on our latest news page. Alternatively, you can contact our UK Head Office on +44(0)1332 295 678 or

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