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Frenger®, a market-leading manufacturer in the HVAC industry, has truly mastered the art of exporting to a fine art with their HVAC solutions. Due to good planning and precise packaging Frenger can maximise the number of chilled beams into shipping containers more efficiently than ever before.

One of their key advantages lies in the efficient utilisation of their state-of-the-art overhead crane; installed at their prestigious UK Technical Facility located in Derby, UK.

This advanced crane system plays a crucial role in streamlining their shipping processes, enabling Frenger® to load shipping containers with remarkable efficiency.

The strategic placement of the overhead crane within their facility enables Frenger® to export high volumes of their market-leading Chilled Beams and other HVAC solutions seamlessly. By optimising the loading process, they have enhanced their global distribution capabilities.

Frenger's commitment to excellence extends beyond the products of their highly efficient HVAC solutions. They recognise that delivering their products safely and on-time to projects worldwide is crucial.

With their finely tuned export process, facilitated by the in-house crane, Frenger® can fulfil large orders efficiently, meeting the demands of even the most time-sensitive projects.

By investing in top-of-the-line infrastructure, Frenger® has solidified its reputation as an industry leader, offering reliable and innovative HVAC solutions to clients on a global scale.