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What are Heat Recovery Units?

Heat Recovery Units (HRUs) transfer heat from extracted room air (via the use of a Eurovent certified aluminium static heat exchanger) to the fresh air supply with an efficiency of up to 94%.

Frenger's Recepto HRUs incorporate high thermal conductivity Eurovent certified aluminium heat exchangers that are up to 94% efficient in recovering the differential between the extract air and inlet air temperatures.

Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) Product Render

Recepto Heat Recovery Unit Product Render

Frenger's Recepto Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) product range has been designed to provide energy savings for a wide variety of applications, predominately for Schools, Academies, Universities, Offices, or any space that requires mechanical ventilation (fresh air) whilst retaining most (up to 94% efficiency) of the heat from the extract air.

Heat Recovery Unit project render

Recepto Heat Recovery Unit Installation Render

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