10 Greencoat Place

10 Greencoat Place

Project Info:

London, UK
Active Multiservice

For the second phase of the refurbishment of this listed building the design team was looking for an active chilled beam that delivers exceptional cooling duties with very low volumes of air supply. This was achieved by using Frenger's active beam.

As a development from Phase one of the refurbishment, the multiservice beam has a number of aesthetics and mechanical enhancements. Most noticeably, the lighting solution is 100% indirect; all of the illumination in the space is derived from luminaries placed on the top of the unit, which reflects light of the vaulted concrete soffit. Also, the beams are just 130mm deep and are slightly curved in section to mirror the structural vaults. Finally, the beams are through-linked on the air side; the air for the second beam is the run is supplied through the first beam in the run.

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