EcoStrip - Radiant Heating Panel

EcoStrip is the ideal system solution for the heating of larger buildings such as industrial buildings, commercial buildings and sports centres. EcoStrip is suitable for both high and low installation. EcoStrip does not contain fans or other moving parts, therefore air movements or feeling of discomfort caused by air noise and draught will be reduced. The need for ongoing maintenance is also minimised, which means that EcoStrip can be installed in areas that are difficult to access.

EcoStrip does not cause dust or spread pollen or other pollutants, therefore the hygiene levels within a building is increased. In environments that demand flameproof motors and other safety measures EcoStrip is an excellent and inexpensive option for energy effective heating without risk of fire. Radiant heating exchangers energy within the areas you want to heat therefore no energy is used to heat the surrounding air. Due to this the heating costs are considerably lowered.


  • No moving parts provides a silent and draught-free heating.
  • Corrosion proof casing of hot zinc plated and powder lacquered steel panels.
  • Energy effective heating without risk of fire.
  • Suitable for both high and low level installations.
  • Strip lengths from 4 meters up to 120 meters.