Product render image showing Frenger's Recepto - Heat Recovery Unit (HRU)

Frenger's latest range of HVAC solutions, Heat Recovery Units, are some of the highest efficiency units available on the market. The Recepto product range is designed to provide energy savings for a wide variety of applications including offices, schools and shops. The units transfer heat from extracted room air, via the use of a Eurovent certified Klingenburg aluminium static heat exchanger, to the fresh air supply with an efficiency of up to 94%.

Heat recovery units are high-efficiency static exchangers featuring aluminium plates with countercurrent exchange. The achievable efficiency can exceed 90% because they ensure the transfer of countercurrent heat between two air flows with different inlet temperatures. Static heat recovery units do not feature moving parts and guarantee high reliability and safe operation. To increase the efficiency of the exchanger, the plate surfaces have special baffle plates and are mounted on an incline.

Key Features

  • High thermal efficiency (Up to 94%).
  • Low noise levels.
  • Less than 1% air leakage.
  • As standard air filtration meets industry guidelines (Building Bulletin 101). All performance data provided includes the use of filters.
  • Eurovent certified aluminium heat exchanger.
  • Low SFP due to unique fan design.
  • Freecool setting to allow air to bypass heat exchanger, providing supply air at outside temperature.
  • Optional touch screen controller.
  • Heating and cooling can be provided with optional accessories.
  • Reversibility due to symmetrical configuration. This allows air circuits to be easily inverted.

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