Mockup render image of the Surface Mounted - Air Curtain from Frenger Systems

These surface mounted Air Curtains create an air barrier, which helps to prevent cold draughts thus creating a comfortable indoor climate. Energy losses through openings are reduced, which means considerable savings.

When the doors are closed, the Air Curtain will contribute towards the heating around the entrance area if required. The heated air from the unit will also help to dry any water/sleet dragged into an entrance, as such assisting in creating a safer environment.

Although Air Curtains emit warm air, the main purpose of an Air Curtain is not to provide general heating in a space. For more information with regard to general heating products, please contact our sales team for advice and information.

All Frenger Air Curtains are designed with energy efficiency in mind and with the introduction of Ecopower technology, end users can now benefit from energy saving and climate enhancing innovation.

The Air Curtains are available in two models; Model A is suitable for mounting up to 3m from floor level and Model B up to 4m.


  • Low sound levels.
  • Corrosion proof housing finished in RAL 9010.
  • Option of non-standard colours.
  • Optimized airflow technology.
  • Units can be mounted together to create longer runs.
  • IP21 Rated.
  • Available in electric, water or ambient versions.
  • Supplied with tangential fans.
  • 3 way valve supplied with water units.
  • FRA model with optional filter on surface mounted water and ambient units.
  • FRA models includes low inertia high efficiency energy heating coils in electric heating units.
  • FRB models available with 82/71°C and 60/40°C low-grade water coils.

If you require any further information, or have a project to discuss, please contact us on +44(0)1332 295 678 or as our technical team are here to assist.