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The EnergoCassette is an electric radiant heater that will supply gentle even and comfortable heat in various applications. The heaters can be used to provide general heating, or to raise the temperature in certain areas (spot heating).

As the EnergoCassette uses radiant heat, the heat is concentrated in the occupied area, thus minimising energy losses through stratification of heated air. The system is simple and inexpensive to install and maintenance free.

EnergoCassette emits a gentle, pleasant black radiant heat (long wave), not to be confused with high-temperature shortwave infrared heat and the low surface temperature makes the EnergoCassette ideal to use for general heating of small or large areas where installation heights are between 2-3.5m from floor height.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

  • Possible to maintain 3-6°C lower air temperature than with conventional heating.
  • Concentrates heat to the occupied zone.
  • Minimising warm-up times.

Benefits of EnergoCassette

  • No moving parts equates to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Ceiling mounted unit frees up wall and floor space.
  • Can be integrated into a 600 x 600 suspended ceiling system.
  • Supplied mounting brackets allow easy and discrete surface mounting.
  • Contemporary design with flat plate.
  • Splash proof IP55

EnergoCassette Projects

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