Frenger "Radiant" Passive Chilled Beams Help Barangaroo C2 Win Sustainability Award

Barangaroo C2 Building

Frenger are proud to have supplied the international house in Australia which has recently been awarded the Development Excellence award for Sustainable Development from Urban Taskforce Australia.

FTF Group 'Radiant' Passive Chilled Beams at Barangaroo C2

The project set a new benchmark for commercial building typologies, incorporating comprehensive and varied environmental sustainable design initiatives throughout. International House Sydney is a 6 Star Green Star building which incorporates Frenger's X-Wing® Radiant Passive Chilled Beams in place of conventional air conditioning to deliver indoor cooling whilst maintaining high thermal comfort levels on the commercial floor plates. X-Wing's® 40% Radiant quotient not only helps to provide effective cooling to the commercial floors, but delivers an excellent indoor climate environment which is essential for employee wellbeing and performance.

FTF Group 'Radiant' Passive Chilled Beams at Barangaroo C2

The project also included roof-mounted photovoltaics designed for peak energy demand reduction; as well as engineered spruce timber and recycled ironbark reclaimed from the original wharves located on site. The architecture is designed and detailed to maximise the life of the timber, to be easily maintained, efficiently replaced and to be a long-term commercial asset.