Principles and Benefits of Multiservice Radiant Panels


 multiservice radiant panel in spotlight youth centermultiservice radiant panel in spotlight youth center

Using a combination of Radiant Panel and MSCB technology, Frenger’s Acoustic, Lighting and Heating Rafts, otherwise known as Multi Service Radiant Panels (MSRP’s) are a free hanging radiant heating panel which may also have options of lighting and/or acoustic sound absorbing properties.



An ideal solution for schools, youth centres and universities, other services can also be incorporated such as apertures for sprinkler heads, compartment trunking for other electrical services, apertures for PA and VA speakers plus lighting control, PIR, Photocells and other building services which are 100% pre-fabricated off-site in a controlled factory environment.



Virtually any type of lighting solutions such as direct only, indirect only, combination of direct/indirect either from the same or different source can be accommodated and are designed, manufactured and safety tested in house. The performance testing of Heating, Lighting and Acoustic solutions are also carried out in Frenger’s in house Climatic, Photometric and Acoustic Laboratories and Frenger also make use of third party acoustic testing for independent verifications and accreditations.

Design Options

The following building services can be integrated within Frenger MSRP's:


- Heating - Direct LED Lighting - LED Up-lighting
- Acoustic Insulation - Sprinklers - Emergency LED Lighting
- Control Valves - Smoke Detectors - Electrical Compartmentation
- Lighting Sensors - PA / VA Speakers - Distribution Water Pipes

diagram of a multiservice radiant panel