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Frenger’s Technical Facility and Head Office is predominantly based on the prestigious Pride Park, Derby in the United Kingdom. Frenger has a wealth of experience in the design, development and manufacture of heating and cooling systems dating back some 80 years. The Frenger product range includes:

  • Active chilled beams
  • Passive chilled beams
  • Multiservice Chilled Beams (MSCB)
  • Chilled ceilings
  • Water driven radiant heating panels
  • Electric radiant heating
  • Air curtains
  • Lighting


Frenger employs professional project managers, designers, mechanical and electrical engineers; the company has a reputation for delivering complex projects on time, within budget and to specification. To meet architectural expectations Frenger employs in-house 3D computer generated modelling using various different software packages which include Solidworks, Revit and can even produce building fly through. 

Frenger also model the heating, cooling and lighting performance using various specialist software, but also product actual project specific testing in the climatic test laboratories, photometric lighting laboratories and even measure the sound from the product in their acoustic testing laboratory.

Frenger has earned an enviable reputation as a dependable supply partner capable of developing effective space conditioning solutions for the most complex of projects. BIM models of most of our products are available.

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